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Hampshire Court Hotel - 29th April 2014

To whom it may concern,

I have been dealing with Spica Temperature Controls for approximately 2 years and in that time have engaged their services around 12 times. The temperature control systems they have installed have always been successful and at prices that are very competitive in the market.

However where Spica really come into their own is the flexibility and attention that they give to each ‘job.’ I have made numerous unusual requests of them, changed the parameters of their working environment and asked for alternative solutions after agreeing on one course of action. Spica have consistently bent over backwards to accommodate these demands and have always been completely honest and up front about capabilities and prices.

For the vast majority of my dealings with Spica they have been controlling the temperature of a 23,000 cubic meter space. Given this is part of a hotel, Spica have always done this with very specific time and access constraints. Despite these obstacles and frequent subzero temperatures they have always performed the task totally effectively.

Kay, Tony and John are honest and approachable people. They always make themselves available and deliver at the very least what has been agreed.

I have no hesitation in recommending Spica Temperature Control and I look forward to continuing our ongoing working relationship in the future.


Dan Kelly
General Manager

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Oxygen Events - 19th June 2014

“Having worked with Tony and his team many times over the years on some complex installations I am delighted to highly recommend your company and the service you offer.  The heating/cooling distribution system you provide for us has many benefits, it is quick to install, takes up no internal floor space and crucially, it delivers even temperature levels throughout the structure or event space.  So many times in the past we have had to cope with hot and cold spots within in a structure…….not anymore.  Due to the ease and speed of installation your labour charges are generally less than your competitors, as is the transport costs since you have no large internal defuser stacks to install.

Finally, and for me most importantly, the flexibility and good humour of the installation team is always top draw. Essential when we are working on a tight installation of a complicated nature.  Teamwork is always next to safety at the top of our priority list when during an installation and you guys are loaded with both.  Thank you.  I look forward to the next one”

Paul Edwards

Oxygen Events